grapefruit rum punch

National Rum Day is the perfect reason (as if we need one) to enjoy a cool cocktail on a sunny summer afternoon.

after-school snacks

The kids are going back to school, and we all know what that means — they’ll be coming home and asking, “What is there to eat?”

water bottle

National Water Quality Month is a good time to think about something that is essential to our survival, but that we too often take for granted.

dark chocolate granola

You’ll deserve a gold star when you send your kids back to school with this easy-to-prepare treat from our favorite celebrity chef.

blackberry bramble

Even if you must brave thorns and snakes to obtain the berries, this stellar summer cocktail makes it all worthwhile.


We’re excited to take our latest step forward in a place that’s closely associated with the past.


It’s only appropriate to celebrate National Cheesecake Day with the Big Apple take on this big, bold dessert.

lasagna bolognese

Think lasagna is only for cold months? Here’s a lighter take on an Italian classic that’s perfect all year-round.

Kim with I love Tervis Cup

Whether it’s on the local news or on the silver screen, our Director of PR & Events makes sure we’re noticed.

Jaysen Ward

Our Licensing Coordinator is an affable guy with a wry smile, a subtle sense of humor and 206 creative bones in his body.

cherry pie milkshake

For this momentous occasion, one recipe won’t do. Let’s think big with three variations of a cherry pie milkshake!


On Embrace Your Geekness Day, we recognize our geeks, who help ensure everything from our drinkware designs to our customer service remains smart, timely and spot on.

pecan pie

No one would say something is ‘as American as pecan pie.’ But maybe we should; this delectable dessert is a long-time favorite in the South, where it originated.

sugar cookies

As Santa relaxes on summer vacation, his favorite snack is so easy to make, there’s no need to wait until the holidays.

strawberry smoothie

Skip the strawberry sundaes and try this healthier alternative with Greek yogurt and almond milk.

Americana playlist

Celebrate Independence Day with these star-spangled songs, perfect for backyard BBQs and fireworks shows.

inside-out apple pie

Our favorite celebrity chef uses her American ingenuity to put a new twist on a dessert that’s synonymous with the good ol’ USA.

patriotic place card

For the Fourth of July, our friends at Coton Colors are setting the table — and the mood — with patriotic printables that add American flair to your holiday affairs.

St. Armands Circle

Our number of retail stores continues to grow — and each one is somewhere special.

bacon bloody mary

It’s a cocktail that lends itself to customization. Like it spicy? Add more cayenne pepper. Like it tangy? More lemon juice. But if you want it perfect, just add bacon.


Stop by on your next visit to the Florida Panhandle paradise known as The World’s Luckiest Fishing Village!


Americans love catfish, for good reason. It’s versatile, tasty, low in mercury — and was once lauded in a presidential proclamation.

Sun-Loving Playlist

Summertime, and the livin’ is easy — but it’s no time for easy listening. Heat things up with these sunny songs.

petite shrimp rolls

With a bright, lemony flavor and easy preparation, this recipe by our favorite celebrity chef is perfect for any summer outing.

Long Island Iced Tea

Vodka, gin, rum, tequila and triple sec — you wouldn’t think that they’d go together. But with this cocktail, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Turkey Reuben

Let’s talk turkey — specifically, Turkey Lovers’ Month. It’s celebrated in June (not November), so now is the perfect time to try this delicious sandwich.

Father's Day playlist

When he was your age, he had to walk 20 miles through a blizzard — uphill both ways, of course — if he wanted to hear music. Things today are so much easier; the perfect songs for the Big Guy’s big day are just a click away.

how to make a BBQ mop

For BBQ artists, the grill is their canvas and sauce is their paint. But creating a culinary masterpiece also requires the right brush. Making one is easy, as our friends at Coton Colors demonstrate.

rocky road fudge

A bowl of ice cream is good, but there’s an even sweeter way to celebrate National Rocky Road Day.

coconut macaroons

This easy recipe uses just one bowl and can be prepped in less than 15 minutes.

St. Armands

With a snip of the scissors, the newest Tervis store is officially open for business, just 23 miles from our headquarters!

St. Armands Circle

The newest Tervis store is in an upscale shopping and dining destination that’s right in our own backyard.

Father's Day

If Dad insists that he doesn’t need anything, it’s OK not to listen (just this once). But it’s not OK to give him another tie.

Virginia Beach

From nearby historical sites and amusement parks to a lively boardwalk and 38 miles of sand and surf, Virginia Beach has something for everyone — including a brand new Tervis store!


Missy Bonds tells us about all of the fun that she and her boyfriend had in the Big Apple!

gluten free chocolate chip cookies

Going gluten-free is all the rage — but it doesn’t necessarily mean giving up all sweet treats.


In honor of your big accomplishment, we’ve assembled the most sage advice from our family, friends and colleagues.


The City by the Sea is renowned for the Newport Jazz Festival, magnificent mansions, world-class sailing — and now for being another great Tervis location.

Whitney Miller's BBQ shrimp

Our favorite celebrity chef celebrates National Barbecue Month with one of the Big Easy’s most sensuous dishes.

Mother's Day playlist

She wanted us to practice the piano, but did we listen? No, but her big day will still be filled with music, thanks to these songs that show our appreciation for Mom.

Tervis Innovation Center Rendering

Completion of the 24,000-square-foot building is scheduled for November.

jerk chicken

Scotch bonnet peppers add heat to this quintessentially Jamaican dish.

Strawberry Margarita

This fast, fresh and festive recipe is perfect for serving at parties!


May is National Hamburger Month, when we commemorate America’s favorite sandwich.

Mint Julep

Don your most festive derby hat and muddle along with us as we prepare this delicious bourbon cocktail.