Baking with the Domestic Engineer

Channel your inner ‘domestic engineer’ and build something delicious, like these key lime cupcakes.

Gas or Charcoal?

This Memorial Day we fuel one of the greatest summer debates there is with the pro and cons of charcoal and gas grilling.

Grilled Flank Steak and Brussels Sprout Chimchuri

Time to take your love of cooking outdoors and enjoy a delicious grilled steak with a Brussels sprout chimichurri.

Tervis the Dog

A married couple combines their love of two things to name one fun-loving dog.


The time has come to take life outside and enjoy everything it has to offer, like these great activities.

Happy Mother's Day

In time for Mother’s Day, we’ve compiled a list of great gift ideas for the most important woman in your life.

Star Wars Party

A not-so-long-long time ago, fan boys turned an average day of the year into an annual celebration of one of the most popular movies ever made.

Accessorizing with Tervis

Somewhere, right now, someone is asking, “What tumbler should I use?” With drinkware available in 11 styles and 1000’s of designs, Tervis makes the decision easy.


A Great White North spring break leads to some great cuisine, like this delicious poutine.

Tervis Customyzer

Customyzer lets you create one-of-a-kind gifts. Use this easy tutorial to create a “Then & Now” tumbler.


Delicious coconut takes center stage in our celebrity chef’s springtime snow cones.

My First Tervis sippy cup

Now that you have a new-born, wave bye-bye to dull moments and welcome the wonderful world of baby’s new discoveries.

Cherry Blossom Sangria

Mix up this cherry sangria and enjoy a delicious taste of spring.

Gardening Hacks

Plants the seeds of a successful garden with these helpful gardening tips.

Easter Julep

Say goodbye to the winter blues and say hello to spring with a fresh Easter Julep

Orlando storefront

The most-visited city in America is home to the world famous theme parks, a 420 foot-tall Ferris wheel and our newest Tervis store.

Cuban Toast

Our celebrity chef takes left-over Easter eggs to the next level with two tasty toast recipes.


Transform tater tots to tasty totchos with a recipe that goes from freezer to crowd-pleaser in 25 minutes.

Green Smoothie

Spinach, kale and mint combine for one delicious and healthy smoothie. Try one using this easy recipe.

Lavender and Lemonade

Stay refreshed this spring with two healthy — and tasty — drink options.

Shrimp Po'Boy

A legendary and delicious shrimp po’boy is the catch of the day. You’ll be hooked from the first bite.

International Women's Day

Learn about eight game-changing women in honor of women’s History Month and International Women’s Day.

Brain Facts

Every year on February 27th, we celebrate a day that we can give our brains a break.

National Pancake Week

This recipe for French pancakes makes a dish that’s perfect for breakfast or dessert — just don’t call it a crepe.

DC Girl in Pearls' Painkiller

Our guest blogger, Lauren, treats you to her take on an Annapolis legend – the Pusser’s Painkiller

Happy Chinese New Year

February 19th kicks off the newest lunar calendar. Happy Chinese New Year! On the Lunar Calendar, animals (similar to zodiac signs) are determined by year. What’s your animal?


Our celebrity chef fries up a little piece of New Orleans with her delicious and chocolaty spin on beignets.

Candy Conversation Hearts

Take this fun fact-filled quiz to see if, indeed, the heart does know best.


Set the mood for Valentine’s Day with the love songs you love.

Orange Cream Cheese Brownies

Celebrate National Cream Cheese Brownie Day with a taste of summertime.

St. Augustine Store

America’s oldest European-established city is home to nearly 450 years of rich, beautiful history — and the newest Tervis store.

6 Reasons to Love Monogramming

A fashion-friendly monogram adds a distinguished and personal touch to your favorite clothes, accessories and drinkware.


Coffee may be for closers, but champagne is for champions. Serve this delicious punch at your Big Game party and everybody wins.

National Compliment Day

Friends, family and even strangers love a compliment. Take advantage of National Compliment Day and share some kind words with the people yousee today.

Lamb "Wings"

Our celebrity chef goes global for big flavors when she serves up delicious “lamb wings” before kickoff.


Guest blogger DC Girl in Pearls whips up a tropical drink that will make you feel as if your toes are in the sand, even if you’re stuck in snow.


Before the big game, get to know a little more about the Ohio State Buckeyes and Oregon Ducks with these fun facts.

Cranberry Orange Tea

January is National Hot Tea Month and we can’t think of a better way to enjoy it than with this delicious cranberry-orange tea.

National Tempura Day

Add a light, flavorful crunch to your dinner with a centuries-old cooking technique from Japan.

Straws in drinkware

Paper or plastic or gold? The drinking straw has changed a lot over 5,000 years and today we celebrate this simple sipper through the ages.


New Year’s Day is a great day for hockey. Before the puck drops at the NHL Winter Classic, check your hockey knowledge with this fun quiz.


Ring in 2015 with some of 2014’s best songs on our New Year’s Eve playlist.


A spirited New Year’s celebration starts with these delicious and easy-to-make bourbon punch slushies.


The best way to spread holiday cheer is singing loud for all to hear. We created a holly, jolly playlist to put a little joy back into your holiday.


Our guest blogger, Lauren Anne, brings good fortune and a tasty drink to the holidays with the Dirty Pickle Martini.