It’s a Wrap: Making Your Gifts Look Presentable

I’m a guy. I hate wrapping presents. But I’m a single dad too, and it would have broken my daughter’s heart on Christmas mornings if I had just handed her a couple store bags full of toys, books and video games. (Ok, I almost did that once, but in my defense I was going to put bows on the bags!) So here’s what I’ve learned about wrapping over the years.

What you’ll need

  • Wrapping paper
  • Gift wrap cutter (scissors are so 1500 BC)
  • Tape (splurge on the invisible or magic kind)
  • Bag of bows

Let’s wrap!

  1. Find a work space (table, floor, bed) and roll out the wrapping paper. Measure enough paper to fit around the entire gift. Leave a few extra inches just to be sure you have it covered. Cut.
  2. Place the gift face down in the middle of the paper. Bring paper from the long side of the box, up to the middle of your package. Tape.  Pull other side tight so the paper is smooth. Tape.
  3. Close the ends. Face an open end towards you and fold the right and left edges, pushing the sides in next to your box, to form flaps.
  4. Fold top flap down tight. Tape. Fold the bottom flap up tight. Tape. Repeat for other side.
  5. Put a bow on it.

Cool tip for families
I grew up in a family that didn’t use name tags. There were four kids, and this kept us from knowing whose presents were whose. This prevented peeking. Or shaking. Or accidental opening. However, multiple presents to the same person always featured the same wrapping paper or color bows/ribbons, and we didn’t know what paper or color each of us was  until the big reveal on Christmas morning. Well played, Mom.

Cheap, simple and fast wrapping technique for the time-infringed-upon
Run to your local dollar store (or, if you have a car, drive). Buy as many assorted gift bags — and matching tissue paper — as you need. Place present in bag. Crumple up a couple sheets of tissue paper, place in bag around and on top of present. Fluff tissue paper to taste. Distribute. Voila. Done.

Ok, now just the guys.
All right men, listen up. Best way to wrap, period. Here’s what you do:

  1. Drive to the nearest mall.
  2. Look for the charity gift wrapping kiosk.
  3. Give everything to them.
  4. Pay (proceeds go to charity, mind you).
  5. Enjoy the compliments on how well the presents are wrapped.

Oh, even better than above, you can have your Tervis online orders placed in our cool gift boxes and shipped to the recipient. I just eliminated the whole driving and mall part (but please, still donate to the reputable charity of your choice). Happy Holidays!

– P.J. Butland