5 Gift Ideas That Are Full of Fun

We’re a little biased, but we think Tervis drinkware makes great gifts to give or receive. But if you want to take your gift giving to the next level, add a little something to make it even more memorable. Here are five things you can put in our drinkware to make your present extra special.

Sweet Treats

This one’s too easy. Especially if you’re already doing a lot of baking this time of year, cookies work well; biscotti are a favorite of ours. No time to bake? How about putting in some dry ingredients accompanied by a favorite recipe? Of course, it can be even simpler. Anything from chocolate to hard candy makes a sweet gift.

Arts & Crafts

Does your gift recipient like to sew? Then fill the drinkware with things like a pack of needles, spools of thread, a cloth tape measure and pins. If they like to paint, some brand new brushes might be just what they needed. Although these things are small, they add a nice personal touch to your gift while including items you know the recipient needs and will use.

Sports & Outdoors

For a golfer, a tumbler full of golf balls or tees would make an appropriate gift. A outdoorsman might enjoy, say, fishing lures. Or for a fan of college or pro sports, tickets to an upcoming game would be perfect!

School Supplies & Toys

Markers, crayons or colored pencils can be tied up in a ribbon and placed inside kids tumblers. Another fun idea is to give them a project! Fill the tumbler with craft supplies like beads and let their imagination go wild. Toy cars, building blocks or marbles are also sure to be a hit.  

Pet Gifts

Can’t forget about our furry friends! While their owner enjoys a new tumbler, pets can get a little something too. From treats to toys, there are many options for the pet lover. To really add a personal touch, customize drinkware with pictures of the recipient and their pet!

– Al Montone