Tervis Employee Spotlight: David Cattanio

Meet David Cattanio, an air traffic controller of sorts as our Customer Service Supervisor for the past year. David has been with Tervis for 2 ½ years, after eight months as a seasonal temp. But according to David, he doesn’t just work for Tervis — he works for our customers. He’s our ears on the outside, listening to what our customers need, and their voice on the inside to ensure that their concerns are addressed.

Between answering calls, chats and emails, David masterfully organizes his team’s schedules and training, maintains staffing demands and is a liaison between departments, routing calls and requests to their correct destination (hence, the air traffic controller analogy).

David keeps meticulous notes and records of past successes and areas of opportunity to continually improve training and better prepare for next year’s busy holiday season, for which his planning starts in January. He trusts his team implicitly -– and continually gives them the credit for continued success.

“If a Customer Service Rep can’t answer any question, I’m not doing my job,” he said.

No worries, though; David is indeed doing his job. And doing it well.

His customer service team of 23 (10 full-time and 13 seasonal employees, under the leadership of VP of Customer Service Experience Miriam Zeigler) — handled our busiest busy season ever with impressive calm and resolve. Our customer service team expertly fielded more than 100,000 calls, chats, emails Customyzer requests in November-December 2013. And yet, the average wait time for callers was cut nearly in half compared to last year.

How did David keep his cool throughout the most hectic time of the year? By trusting the best customer service team he knows, keeping his trusty NASCAR tumbler topped off with refreshing H2O and snacking on an occasional Nutter Butter (or three). A secret to success if ever there was one.

But surely there has to be something that can be improved. David says that due to the company’s popularity and growth, our biggest challenge is continuing to handle an ever-increasing number of customer communications quickly and smoothly.

What’s are the most common customer questions? David said people sometimes discover they’ve ordered the wrong size travel lid to go with their tumbler. Others need to send something back, for which we have a returns form. Those who are curious about our new promotions and designs may want to sign up for our emails.

David knows customers receive lots of emails from any number of businesses, but counters with this gem of insight: it only takes a second to open and peruse, but it just might answer a question and eliminate a phone call or online chat that would take longer.

It’s simple, straightforward thinking like this that makes the customer service team so successful, and is reflected in David’s parting words of advice: “Smile through it. And always have fun.”

Words to live, work and and sip by.

– PJ Butland

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