5 Nice Ideas for Random Acts of Kindness Day

Today isn’t just any ol’ day. Today is Random Acts of Kindness Day, which is the perfect time to spread happiness and appreciation!

Remember that time when you were running late and had a bunch of stuff in your hands, and a stranger held the door open for you? Little acts like that can turn your chaotic morning into a pleasant one.

And yet in our busy lives, it can be so easy to forget the little acts that can make a person’s day. To give yourself a friendly reminder, pick up the book One Good Deed a Day, which provides 365 nice gestures and a writing space to reflect back on your experiences.

So, do you want to participate, but aren’t quite ready to tackle the full 365? Start off with five of my favorite acts of kindness:

  1. Donate blood to a local blood bank.
  2. Leave your change in the vending machine for the next person to use.
  3. Hold the door, even if it will delay you.
  4. Work out (because hey, you’ve got to take care of yourself too)!
  5. Send a friend a customized Tervis when they’re going through a hard time, or as a memento of a special time that you shared together.

Cheers to helping others and taking care of ourselves, too! To learn more about the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, visit www.randomactsofkindness.org.

– Kayla Stevens