Tervis Employee Spotlight: Toddy Peterson

Between sips from her gerbera daisies tumbler, Human Resources Leader Toddy Peterson is keeping busy these days updating policy manuals. She has to, because Tervis is growing and evolving, and the policies have to keep up.

What? An American manufacturer that is growing? Wait -– not so long ago, didn’t all of the experts ring the death knell for those companies?

Thankfully for our 900 or so employees, Tervis tuned out the pessimism and tuned in to what we do best — making the best insulated drinkware there is.

Toddy succinctly summed up our success that has defied the national trend.

“We had the vision, leadership and right product to make the growth possible,” she said.

It seems fitting on National Employee Appreciation Day that Toddy, who has had a big role in giving so many Tervis employees their start in Venice, would share some insights about the great opportunity employees have here.

Sure, there’s the medical, dental and vision coverage, not to mention the 401K plan, company parties, reimbursements for wellness, tuition and wholesale clubs and so on — but also important are the not-so-obvious benefits

“Everybody has a chance to make an impact here,” she said. “There are lots of opportunities to shine.”

And while Tervis is growing, we’re still “small” enough that management doesn’t miss a thing. They notice the extra effort. Opportunity is what you make of it, and there are plenty of opportunities to advance within the brightly-colored walls of our expanding company.

How can Tervis employees maximize their performance?

“Communicate,” Toddy said. “Things move fast here. Ask questions. Ask, ‘How do I get involved?’.”

Another benefit of working here is the public reaction to Tervis.

“When you tell someone you work at Tervis, they’re immediately excited and interested in what we do,” she said.

When asked what’s ahead for Tervis, Toddy answered, “Growth. A bigger geographical footprint.”

Before parting, Toddy finds yet another benefit: Tervis is a big believer in work-life balance.

Work is important, but Tervis knows there’s also more to life. Toddy finds her some of her balance at home with her three dogs: Sarge, Sophie and Vic (Very Important Chihuahua); and her two cats Isabel and Rico. And with all five being rescues, they’ve benefitted from HR’s keen eye for talent, too.

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– P.J. Butland