5 Creative Ways to Make Mom Smile

Mom is your best friend, role model, first play pal and so much more. With Mother’s Day just around the corner, here are some unique ways to show how much you care.

Light up her life

Take some fancy teacups that have lost their saucers, or even teacups that you find in a thrift store or flea market, and turn them into candles.This is a fairly easy craft project; just be sure to avoid very thin cups (like bone china), which might not withstand a flame.

Have the write stuff

Get those creative juices flowing, write a song about Mom and perform it for her on Mother’s Day. Not musically inclined? Write a poem, or create a mini-book of the things you love about her. Not creatively inclined whatsoever? At least you can make her a playlist.

Make your (quotation) mark

If you’re at a loss for your own words, take a quote that’s meaningful to Mom — maybe a favorite saying, song lyric or passage from a book — and turn it into canvas or wood art.

Let the kids chime in

Tell her she’s the wind beneath your wings by creating these colorful wind chimes. If you’re looking for a craft to do with your kids, this is a good one because they’ll have fun painting it.

Create a customized Tervis

Remember in elementary school when you’d come home with something that you made for Mom? It probably involved macaroni, construction paper and too much glue. And she loved it, because it came from you. Now you’re all grown up, but you can still customize a great gift for Mom by designing a tumbler just for her. She’ll use it all the time, and it’ll last a lot longer than your macaroni creation.

— Al Montone