How to Mop Up the BBQ Competition

Coton Colors founder Laura Johnson’s husband Milton has BBQ in his veins. Big Milt (Milton’s dad) was the co-founder of Jim & Milt’s, a famous BBQ restaurant in Tallahassee. Opening in 1969 on Florida State’s campus, it’s the go-to spot for open-pit BBQ on game day or any day.

As Milton grew up, he learned the art of grilling from his dad — the King of the Grill. Big Milt would always use his homemade “mops” to apply his famous sauce on anything he was grilling. They are easy to make and can be created from items found in your closet.


how to make a BBQ mop

Step 1: Grab a wire hanger and a clean rag (about 12” square).

how to make a BBQ mop

Step 2: Cut the rag into strips. Untwist the top of the wire hanger and clip wire in half (discard one half or set aside for another mop).

how to make a BBQ mop

Step 3: Place the rag strips onto the top third of the wire so that the rag strips are centered on the wire. Bend the wire over the middle of the rags and twist so the rags hang down. This is not a science; imperfection is perfection!

how to make a BBQ mop

This mop allows you to generously apply sauce while grilling. And the best part … simply dispose after use!

Don’t be afraid to make an extra large batch of BBQ sauce while you’re at it. You can bottle it up and give it to guests to enjoy at home with their own King of the Grill!

About Coton Colors: Founded in 1995 by Laura Johnson, an entrepreneurial artisan inspired by the celebrations of her own life, Coton Colors is a manufacturer of colorful, handcrafted pottery, creative giftware and seasonal pieces to live life in style. For more, visit their website and follow them on Facebook.