A Labor Day of Love

Sept. 1, 2014, is Labor Day. Sadly, it’s usually considered the unofficial end of summer (sorry, Autumnal Equinox). The first Labor Day was celebrated on a Tuesday. It’s true; Sept. 5, 1882. Thankfully, smarter minds prevailed and it was moved to a Monday and made into a recognized holiday. Hello three-day weekend! This Monday, employees across the United States are going to sleep in and then take to the beaches, lakes, softball diamonds and backyard BBQs, spending their day off and some of that hard-earned income doing the things they love.

Speaking of love, a wise person once said, and I’m paraphrasing here, “find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life.” Tervis is lucky to have so many employees who practice what that guy preached. In honor of Labor Day and the people who make the drinkware you enjoy, we asked employees throughout our company:

What’s your favorite thing about working at Tervis?

Mike in Line Development, never tires of the positive reactions he receives when he tells people where he works. He also appreciates that each day brings new challenges and opportunities to learn new skills all the time. (He also is partial to seeing everybody dressed up at the Christmas party!)

Monica, in Marketing, loves the friendly atmosphere here. Co-workers are a great source for camaraderie and local cuisine suggestions.

Myra, in Production, enjoys working with such a diverse group of people from all walks of life working towards one goal.

New to Tervis and Marketing, Wendy likes the fact that she can walk the production floor anytime and watch our tumblers being made.

Monika, In Licensing, relishes in the overall goofiness of her coworkers as well as the teamwork and learning experiences they provide each day.

Designer Richard likes that he works for a company that’s on the rise and his teammates are always open to new ideas and suggestions.

Rusty, also a designer, likes that he gets to see his designs in the public’s hands

Maria, in Graphics, thrives in an environment where the supervisors don’t micro-manage and empower her to work independently when needed.

Josh, in Production Operations, goes to work each day knowing there are plenty of learning opportunities that allow for personal and professional growth.

Sean, in Legal, simply loves the product. Then he elaborates that working with a team that’s generous with their time and knowledge is, indeed, a great job perk.

After 30 years, Tracy in Production, loves the fact that each day is different and there are so many opportunities here to advantage of and increase her skill sets.

Marc, in Production, says the fact that the people are so easy to get along with makes Tervis the ideal place to work.

Dave, working in Quality, succinctly loves the fact that there is never a dull moment.

Paul, a member of the Production team, who spent 21 years working weekends and every holiday for a local grocery chain, loves having his weekends off.

Migdalia in Quality, loves working for a great company that provides for her and her family.

Thom in Quality, enjoys there is no down time. “I’m never bored; it’s a great dynamic that keeps your interest up.”

Stephanie works and agrees with Thom, stating each day keeps her busy and that makes the time fly by.

Customer Service Representative Paula loves that Tervis is a lifestyle to be embraced.  “Our customers are very passionate about their tumblers and that passion spreads.”

Jaysen in Licensing, enjoys the freedom he has to express his creativity.

IT member Adan likes the fact that he gets to interact with everybody in the company and provide the IT solutions they need to perform their jobs at peak performance.

Designers Kaci and Tyler enjoy their role in creating cool designs that everybody gets to enjoy.

Kim, head of PR, loves the fact that her job is made easier because she has such a phenomenal product to promote.

With a slight smirk, Todd from Marketing, comments he loves the nearby restaurant selection. He follows that up with, “There’s never a dull moment.”

Todd’s right. There aren’t any dull moments at Tervis because the company is growing and evolving every day. That wouldn’t be possible without the great group of individuals who love to come to work each day with a great attitude and the dedication and know-how to produce the best insulated tumbler in the marketplace. Enjoy your long weekend. You’ve earned it.

See you Tuesday.


– PJ Butland