Whitney Miller’s Coffee Milk Tea

Need a pick-me-up after a long day? Invite friends to drop by, whip up my simple coffee milk tea recipe and serve chilled in Stout tumblers from the Entertaining Collection.

On my first trip to China, I became acquainted with milk tea in a variety of flavors such as avocado, coconut and lychee. Even McDonald’s in China offered milk tea. Missing it when I returned home, I created a version with one of my favorite flavors — coffee.

This is a great after-dinner drink — but you don’t necessarily need to wait for a dinner party. Just invite friends over for coffee and serve this instead of the usual cup of joe. Your friends will be impressed by your barista skills (even though this is really easy to make). Offer it with a selection of snacks like biscotti, cheese, crackers and fruits.

Coffee Milk Tea

  • 2 cups strong brewed coffee
  • 6 tablespoons pure cane sugar
  • 1 cup strong brewed green tea, chilled
  • 1 1/2 cups whole milk

Combine the brewed coffee and sugar in a 4-cup liquid measuring cup. Stir until sugar dissolves. Chill in the refrigerator for at least an hour. Blend the sweetened coffee, green tea, and milk in a blender until combined. Serve chilled.

Serves 4

Whitney MillerWhen she was just 22, Whitney Miller won the first U.S. season of the Fox show MasterChef. She is the author of Modern Hospitality: Simple Recipes with Southern Charm. While working on her second cookbook, she frequently travels around the U.S. and as far away as China to conduct cooking demonstrations and culinary classes. For more, visit whitneymiller.net, connect with Whitney MillerH on Facebook and follow her on Twitter @whitneymillerH.