Save that Shave Until December, Guys

In a world where every mustache is an important mustache, we’re celebrating No Shave November (or Movember). November is a month dedicated to raising awareness and funding for men’s health.

The movement encourages men to take the money they would have used to buy shaving supplies and donate it to cancer research.

Movember began in Australia in 2003, when two guys were inspired by a friend’s mother, who was raising money for breast cancer awareness. They decided to grow out their whiskers to raise awareness for prostate cancer. They enlisted 30 other guys who agreed to take on the challenge.

Women can participate in the movement too, as they are encouraged to talk to the men in their lives about health issues.

By 2007, the Movember Campaign moved to the U.S. and Canada. By 2013, more than $559 million had been raised in 20 participating countries.

So, put down the razor and dust off your mustache (or moustache if you’re British) comb. It’s time to let it grow, let it grow, let it grow.

To help you decide what mustache to fashion, here are our 10 favorite mo’s:

10. The Pencil
Jimmy Buffet crooned about it, but this mustache is only acceptable if you’re film director John Waters or Zorro.

9. The Magnum
Also known as the Chevron, this mustache was made famous by Tom Selleck. In order to properly pull this off, you need a Ferrari or at least a buddy with a helicopter.

8. The Dali
This ‘stache was made famous by Salvador Dali. Unless you’re a surrealist painter, we’d steer clear of this one.

7. The Santa
This is a festive look if your hair is white and you REALLY have the Christmas spirit.

6. The Van Dyke
This mo was made famous by Flemish painter Anthony van Dyke and has become the signature look of Johnny Depp.

5.) Fu Manchu
This duster is based off a 20th century book by the same name. If you’re a roadie for a heavy metal band, this look is for you!

4. The Walrus
The signature look of hockey great Lanny McDonald is perfect for lumberjacks and Canadians.

3. The Connoisseur
Want to look like an old Hollywood movie star or a Roaring ’20s magnate? Give this classy one a try.

2. The Horseshoe
Train, say your prayers and eat your vitamins! Hulk Hogan’s signature ‘stache is perfect if you’re striving for the intimidating biker look. Whatcha gonna do when The Horseshoe runs wild on you, brother???

1. The Handlebar
The best of the best, it has been worn with pride by American icons ranging from Wyatt Earp to Rich Uncle Pennybags (a.k.a. Mr. Monopoly).

– Hillary Terhune