Tervis Employees are a Thankful Bunch

Today, I’m thankful it’s Thanksgiving. Not just because I’m sitting down to my favorite meal on another fourth Thursday in November. I was blessed with another 365 days to experience life: the highs, the lows, the loves, the laughs, the successes and the lessons learned.

I’m thankful I get to apply those lessons in the upcoming year. I’m thankful I work for a great company like Tervis, with hundreds of awesome co-workers. Come to think of it, I’m thankful I get to write this blog and share their thanks.

  • Stephen is thankful for his daughter, who will be celebrating her 1st birthday in December.
  • Rusty in Line Development gives thanks for his family and high-speed Internet.
  • Third shifter Drake is thankful for his job and being able to work with a nice, close-knit group of people.
  • Hugh, who was working his first day when asked, said he’s thankful for all of life’s moments.
  • Marketing’s Kristi gives thanks for her days off work to spend time with family and grab an extra hour or two of sleep.
  • Karen gives thanks for her family, friends and new home before she heads to work each night.
  • Dot, in production, is thankful for her family, her friends, and living in Florida this time of year.
  • Web’s Ryan appreciates his family and eggnog.
  • Meri, who works overnight, gives thanks for being alive and enjoying her family, job and health.
  • Ben, in Line Development is thankful for his family and the fact that it will increase by one in March, as he welcomes his second daughter. (Also as a life-long Colts fan, every Sunday he’s thankful for Andrew Luck.)
  • Catheryne appreciates her family, her job, and after punching out from work at 7 a.m., she is very thankful for her bed.
  • Third shifter Rick is most thankful for his friends and family.
  • Kelly in Licensing gives thanks for living in a state where it doesn’t snow.
  • Michelle is thankful for camping in the living room with her kids and all the fun the tents, blankets and flashlights provide.
  • Brad is most thankful for the health, happiness and well-being of his family.
  • Jennifer in Marketing gives thanks for her family and that she can have fresh, clean and hot water whenever she wants.
  • And finally, George and Stefanie are thankful for their Tervis love story. They met at Tervis and three years later were married and now they work together on the 3rd shift.

Thanks for reading; enjoy your holiday!

PJ Butland