Our Favorite Christmas Morning Memories

Like Santa, most of us made a Christmas list, and chances are we checked it more than twice – and revised it even more. Then we gave it to our parents who assured us it would get into the right hands in plenty of time to make our Christmas the best one ever. At least until next year. Through all the Christmases and presents received, it seems we can recall that “one” gift that made our spirits brightest.

I’ll never forget the year when I came downstairs at my grandmother’s house and strategically placed around the tree was a GI Joe boot camp. (This was when they were 12” tall and had the “life-like beard.”) There were several Joes, a couple Army Jeeps, a footlocker full of accessories, and outfits and play sets galore. Merry Christmas indeed!

Here are the mornings my Tervis co-workers will never forget:

Danene’s favorite Christmas came when she was 12 and her parents let her know she could get her ears pierced. They decorated the tree with a pair of plastic ears that had earrings.

Dan, Suzanne and Matt are still thinking about it.

Genie, who’s an avid gardener, loved a wheelbarrow she received that made her hobby that much easier.

A Cocker Spaniel puppy made a then 8-yr. old Nancilyn the happiest girl in the world.

Wendy didn’t hesitate with her response: a purple plastic sled.

Jaysen’s said his favorite was his two front teeth. (I asked him if he was sure it wasn’t a hippopotamus.)

When Pat was 11, he got his dream bike, the Schwinn everybody wanted, “with the cool handle bars, banana seat and sissy bar.”

Todd dreamt about the same bike in yellow and found it by the tree one Christmas morning.

Al still cherishes the memory of receiving his first ever Star Wars action figures.

Erica loved her Barbie Rock and Roll Set. She even googled it to show me what it looked like: four rocker Barbies, band instruments and equipment and a cassette single of Barbie’s band singing The Beat.

Miranda fondly remembers her acoustic guitar.

When Toni was 7-yrs old, a dachshund pup made her morning merry.

Harper’s best Christmas came when his sister surprised him at his door after not seeing her for a couple of years.

David’s sister also made one Christmas his favorite by surprising him after 10 years in the Air Force and no visits.

Ryan and his brothers had the best Christmas ever when they received the X-Box 360 their parents assured them that there was no way they would get one.

Monica prefers presents on the water. Her favorite was a cruise to Grand Cayman when she was 17.

Aspiring artist Denise immediately answered her Crayola Caddy. Then added, “And my Cabbage Patch Kids.”

Judi loved when her husband gave her the chocolate lab she named Cinnamon Nutmeg, or Meg for short.

Happy Holidays, and may all your wishes come true.

PJ Butland