Share the Love Today

“You look mahvelous.”
Billy Crystal

It’s true. You do.
You’re an awesome cook, too.
And, I’d be hard-pressed to find a better “your-profession” than you.
You make my day every time we hang out.

Welcome to National Compliment Day. Since its creation in 1998, National Compliment Day and been responsible for surprise mood lifts, smiles and all-around good vibrations each and every January 24.

The creators of National Compliment Day – Debbie Hoffman and Kathy Chamberlin – know that everybody loves a compliment and recommend that you dish out a well-deserved accolade to five different people throughout the day. These wonderful words help build self-esteem and good feelings. Compliments have also been known to create positive connections between people. Who knows, the next person to whom you say, “I love your hair. It’s beautiful,” may become a friend life. You’ve got nothing to lose and good things to gain.

Besides, the best thing about compliments is that they work both ways. You’ll feel great giving them and enjoy watching people’s reactions. So why stop at five people? Set your compliment bar higher. Compliment 10 people. 20. Or, don’t set a limit – and make it a habit. You have what it takes! You’re awesome.

Just don’t give them out tomorrow. January 25th is National Opposite Day.

PJ Butland