An Introduction to Monograms

Simply put, a monogram is a decoration comprised of one to three initials that adorns clothing, stationary, linen, accessories — or just about anything that has the space to accommodate one — that identifies the object’s owner.

A three-letter monogram is generally made up of the first initial of person’s first, middle and last names. Traditionally the initial of the last name is in the middle and is the largest of the initials. But rules are meant to be broken. A monogram acts as your identifier; so ultimately, how you use it is up to you. You’re clever; discover what works best for you. Follow the rules or make your own. No matter how you use them, be you. It’s as easy as ABC.

Need inspiration? Here are 6 Reasons to Love Monograms:

  1. It’s a great fashion accessory that complements your outfits. A monogram on your briefcase, handbag or drinkware is a smart extension of monogrammed clothing.
  2. In this text-heavy culture, three letters can go a long way. Show the world the 3-letter phrases that make you or your BFF LOL.
  3. Better yet, if you bend the rules a little, monograms can be fun. Three random initials can make a great conversation starter. “Why do I have CCC? Because I love Chocolate Chip Cookies.” On a tumbler, a three-letter word can describe you or your drink. YUM comes to mind; as do TEA, MMM, HOT and LUV.
  4. Today, people are creating identities and personalities that set them apart. Whether it’s on Facebook, Twitter Instagram, or in the workplace, people want to stand out. In a climate where people are looking for any advantage over their “competition,” monograms are an easy and inexpensive addition to a self-marketing plan that builds their brand.
  5. Monograms make a purchase or gift unique. Choose the script that best fits the receiver’s personality and it quickly becomes inseparable from its owner.
  6. Monogramming is an age-old tradition that’s sure to remain popular. Take advantage of our personalization to enjoy monogrammed drinkware for years to come.

PJ Butland