Enjoy an Annapolis Legend

Forget the lime in the coconut. It’s cold outside. We’re putting the RUM in the coconut.

Over the weekend, back in the good ol’ days of non-Arctic Tundra life, I piled into the car and drove to Annapolis for the day. This was only my second time visiting but I have to say, Annapolis is my kind of town. Having a soft spot for all things nautical and fruity tropical beverages, let’s face it: Annapolis gets me.

It’s also home to Pusser’s Caribbean Grille — Annaoplis’ only true waterfront restaurant – and their famous rum cocktail, the Painkiller. They come in four strengths, so when you order one, do so by number: Painkiller #1, #2, #3 and #4, The number indicates how many parts rum are in the drink.

Inspired by the famous watering hole, and wanting to keep the tropical cocktail train going, I picked up the ingredients for a Pusser’s Painkiller on the way home. Namely, cream of coconut because let’s be honest, who has cream of coconut just lying around their pantry?

Well, now I do. And it’s heaven.

Now let’s numb the winter freeze with a Pusser’s Painkiller!

In a little nod to Annapolis, I picked my anchor Tervis tumbler.

I filled the tumbler with ice and added pineapple juice, the life-changing coconut cream, OJ and the very vital coconut rum. Top the tumbler with the shaker top and shake to combine, strain into glasses.

Drink umbrella is mandatory, people. I cannot stress enough: it’s freezing outside.

So pour yourself a little (or not so little, I’m not here to judge) glass of paradise.

4 parts pineapple juice
1-2 parts coconut rum, depending on your case of the winter blues
1 part cream of coconut (found in the mixers aisle of your local, friendly grocery store)
1 part orange juice

Fill a shaker with ice and add all ingredients to shaker. Shake to combine and strain into glasses. And as stated above, drink umbrellas are mandatory.

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