Put Spring in your Sip

We know it’s still barely above freezing in most parts of the country but it’s officially springtime. Which can only mean one thing…Easter’s on its way.

So to make everyone feel a little bit better despite the weather, we’ve created a refreshing drink for you to serve on your Easter table. We call it an Easter Julep and just like its namesake it’s bright and colorful!

Easter Julep Preparation

2 teaspoons of simple syrup
2-3 strawberries
4-5 mint leaves
2 ½ oz bourbon
1 cup of crushed ice
Mint sprigs and a strawberry (for garnish)

Place the simple syrup into an 8oz Stout tumbler. Add strawberries and muddle until they have a pureed texture. Add mint leaves and continue to muddle. Try not to overwork mint. Add Bourbon and fill the rest of the tumbler with crushed ice. Stir. Add mint sprig and strawberry to garnish.

-Hillary Terhune