A Dozen Green Thumb Hacks

Spring is in full bloom. The clues are everywhere: the days are longer; the sun is shining; and the nurseries are stocked to the tops of their greenhouses with saplings, flowers, seeds, potting soil and fertilizer.

That’s how nature and local retailers let us know it’s gardening season. This season beckons you to spend quality time outside, enjoy the weather, reacquaint yourself with Mother Nature and perfect your green thumb. With that in mind, we’ve assembled some helpful gardening hacks to help make your job easier and more rewarding.
Try these:

  • Put a flattened banana peel and coffee grounds under the the soil around rose plants. This keeps the plants nourished and helps them resist disease.
  • Keep soil from leaking out of a pot by placing a sponge at the bottom or lining it with a coffee filter.
  • Don’t throw out that old mailbox. Decorate it and fasten it to a tree and you have a brand new birdhouse.
  • Wear knee pads while gardening. It’s easier on your knees and the pads will keep your knees clean.
  • Plant lavender. It’s a natural mosquito repellent, goes great in a tea or lemonade and provides a soothing aroma to your home.
  • For sweeter tomatoes, sprinkle a small amount of baking soda on the soil around the plant. This helps lower the acidity levels of your garden-grown tomatoes.
  • Reuse wine bottle to keep plants watered while you enjoy a few days away from home. Fill a clean, empty wine bottle with water; then invert and stick in soil near the plant.
  • Beer repels garden-damaging slugs. Burry plastic cups to their tops in the soil near your plants and fill with beer. Slugs can’t resist a good ale and when they stop for a sip, they won’t be able to exit the cup.
  • Make a watering jug that doesn’t leak. Clean an empty gallon milk jug, puncture the cap with several holes, then fill with water and replace lid.
  • If you live in an apartment or don’t have a lot of space, a canvas shoe rack makes a great herb garden. Fill the pouches with soil and plant.
  • Puncture holes into an old hose for a sprinkler you can serpentine through your garden.
  • Add water and decorative stones or marbles to our tumblers for a fun, decorative vase for your favorite flowers.

Use a Tervis Tumbler as a vase

Happy gardening!

PJ Butland

Photography courtesy of Kenan Hill.