Celebrate Your Baby’s Firsts

From the first time you held your child, you knew you had something special. Amazing. As your child grows and develops, you’ll be rewarded with an incredible journey and adventure. Wave bye-bye to dull moments and welcome the wonderful world of baby’s new discoveries. The best part of all of this is that you are going to be there every smile, laugh and first step of the way.

As a loving and proud parent you’ll want the memories to last. They will (with or without photos or video). There will be plenty of time to capture these moments in repeat performances, but there is only one first time.   So, unless you are going to affix a GoPro to your body, live in the moments and you’ll never miss a chance to enjoy them.

Here are some of baby’s best parental pride-instilling firsts:

Bath – Whether you wash your child in the kitchen sink, baby bath or bathtub  — brimming with nearly an inch of lukewarm water — you’ll always have one hand on your child for safety and a warm glow in your heart. Eventually you’ll spike baby’s hair with suds and take a picture to keep forever. Hint: Kitchen sink shots always seem to get the biggest, “Aww. So Cute,” reaction.

Smile – In as early as two months this warm, loving gesture of recognition will change your life forever. You’ll feel invincible and vulnerable at the same time. It’s one of the best feelings in the world.

Laugh – What a great sound. Every time you hear your child laugh, you’ll smile. And laugh. And giggle. A lot. You can’t help it. Your baby’s laugh means he or she “gets you” and you’ll always have an audience you can’t disappoint. (That comes later, but the “teenage years” is another blog altogether!)

Crawl – Somewhere between 7 and 10 months your child coordinates their muscles with their desire to get from here to there. Some babies crawl, some babies scoot and all parents are amazed and play the “Come-to-mommy-no-come-to-daddy” game in the cutest tug-of-war ever. But don’t turn your head, or you’ll be able to add “baby wrangler” to your resume.

Tooth – Once that first tooth pops through after 3 months or so, parents can’t wait to show off this dental development to family and friends. Parents also like to tempt fate and see how long they can go without getting bit by baby. It only takes one good chomp for you to learn your fingers don’t belong in baby’s mouth.

Words – Around 6 months your child will start making repetitive sounds that may be interpreted as baby’s first word. Ba-ba is easily translated to mama or dada in a proud parents mind. But, it’s not until around month 9 when you’ll hear words that the baby is purposely using. “No” and “bye-bye” are usually among the first in your child’s now ever-expanding lexicon.

Steps – Sitting up and crawling take a backseat to your newly mobile baby. Somewhere between 9 and 12 moths, your baby will take step #1. That leads to two. Two steps become walking. And you become an Olympic sprinter trying to keep up with your tiny explorer discovering new areas of the house and yard.

Haircut – You held out as long as you could, but eventually it’s time cut your child’s hair. Whether at home or a salon, you’ll remember the first snip and keep that first lock of hair in a scrapbook. Or your purse.

Sip –The transition from bottle to sippy cup is a key step in any child’s development. It’s amazing to see how your baby’s coordination and independence has grown in under a year. (Well, except for those cup tilts that spill red juice on the white carpet. If only there was a way to prevent this. There is. Check it out here.)

Bye-bye – Who knew that a cherubic hand waving back and forth could bring so much joy? Once you’re child has mastered this heart-warming gesture, you’ll pretend to “leave” all the time. When the time comes to your first real departure and you finish waving your “bye-byes,” you’ll be running late. But the smile you’ll take with you is worth it.

Cherish the moments, no matter what they are. There’s only one first, don’t miss it.


PJ Butland