Create a Great “Then & Now” Tumbler with Customyzer

One of the more popular trends right now is “Then & Now” photography. People are taking photographs from years ago and recreating those shots in the same location today to show the changes to the area, people and landmarks. With Tervis Customyzer – and a little imagination – you can create “Then & Now” tumblers to keep your own then and now moments on hand for years to come.

“Then & Now” designs make great gifts for mom, dad, graduates, family and friends. Here are some great “Then & Now” themes:

  • Birthdays
  • Family
  • Holidays
  • Neighborhood
  • First day of school/graduation
  • Sports
  • Vacations
  • Wedding/Anniversary

Follow this Customyzer tutorial to create your original “Then & Now” design:

From the Tervis home page, click on customize.
On the Customyzer page click on create now.
Click on new project.
You will be prompted: You are not currently logged in. If you want to save this masterpiece you’ll have to login or create an account. Would you like to do that now?

If you answer Yes, you will create an account. Your Customyzer projects will be saved to that account. You can access them any time, to re-order, edit, and replace photos.

If you answer No, you start creating your custom design (it will not be saved).

Step 1: Select Product
Click on desired form, i.e. 16oz.
Step 2: Choose Template
Click on Guided Design.
Select background by clicking on desired design. You can scroll through every design, or filter by subject using the pull-down menu in upper-right of guided design box.image001_600
Then choose template. For the “Then & Now” theme, we suggest using one of the two templates that allow photos to be placed side by side with corresponding text boxes below.

Step 3: Design
Click on one of the Add Photo boxes.
Select a photo from your computer, Facebook or Instagram by clicking on corresponding icon.(Photos must be at least 480×480 pixels and no larger than 4616×4616 pixels)
Select your photograph.
Click on Add to Project.
You can re-size the photos by clicking on any of the red circles.
You can rotate the photos by clicking on the red arrows.
You can move the photo by clicking on it.image004_600
Repeat this process for the second photo.
Click on one of the Add Text boxes.image013_600
In Text box type in desired text, i.e name and year of photo.
You can choose text font, size, alignment and color using the text tool bar.
Repeat this process for the second text box.image014_600
Click on Next Step.
Choose lid by clicking on desired color.image015_600
Click on box to Agree to Terms.
Click on Add to Bag.
Enter coupon code if applicable.
Click on Proceed to Checkout.
Complete Checkout by adding name, address and billing information.
Click on Submit.

You’ll be enjoying your “Then & Now” custom design in 7-10 days.

PJ Butland