Tervis: The Perfect Match for Life’s Moments

Since our debut nearly 70 years ago, people have been matching their tumblers to their moments. Somewhere, right now, someone is asking, “What tumbler should I use?” We’ve made that answer easy by providing a product our customer wants: a great self-expression accessory.   How do we do it? We make sure:

They’re fun.
Designed to be at home in almost any situation, these tumblers won’t let you miss a moment without your favorite drink.  Pick a tumbler with the right message or design and you have an instant conversation starter. Who knows who you could meet? Here’s a hint.  On the go? Pick a design and add a travel lid and your tumbler becomes the perfect travel companion that’s always up for a road trip and won’t change the radio station.

They’re functional.
Think about it. Your hands are about 98.6 degrees. That’s like having a pair of mini-heaters at the end of your arms. As you hold a can, bottle or glass of your favorite beverage, those “heaters” are warming your nice cold drink. Ice melts faster. Drinks quickly become watered down and lukewarm. Our tumblers provide an insulated zone that keeps your drink cold longer. You’ll never want to put the tumbler down. But if you do, don’t worry about a coaster because that same insulated design keeps condensation at a minimum.

And if that’s not enough …

They’re fashionable.
With 11 shapes and sizes available in 1000s of designs, prints, brands, teams, color combinations as well as endless personalization and customization possibilities, you can find a tumbler to match your wardrobe, attitude or endeavor. Case in point: the Kentucky Derby. This weekend, fashion mixes with The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports (and just the right amount of bourbon) producing results of big hats, spring colors and equine excellence. Don’t show up empty-handed. Pick up a pair of Kentucky Derby tumblers. Or choose from any number of our horse-themed designs.

Entertaining CollectionYou can even match your outfit and tumblers to the silks of your favorite horse and jockey.

No matter what you have planned in the coming months, you can bring beverages in a tumbler that’s the perfect accent to your outfit.Mrs. Always Right

Going to a tailgate? Your team colors are here. Waiting in line for a favorite Super Hero blockbuster? You’ll be geeked to find these. Is there life at the lake, river, woods, or mountains in your future? Live it large with these.   Doing a little beaching or fishing? You’ll be hooked on these.

Whatever you’re doing, don’t miss a moment. Or a chance to drink it in.

PJ Butland

Photos courtesy of Adriene Hester Staniszewski.