The Force is Strong at this Party

May the 4th Be With You.

No it’s not a typo. May 4th is Star Wars Day. It’s a day when Star Wars fans pepper Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with 1000s of memes of spoofs on Admiral Ackbar’s “It’s a trap!,” pictures of their pets dressed as Yoda and pics of their cosplay homages to their favorite characters. It’s a day dedicated to celebrate the universe George Lucas introduced us to in 1977.

Join in the galaxy far, far away fun and throw the best Star Wars party this side of Coruscant.

Here’s some inspiration:
Serve classic fare with Star Wars character-inspired names like Vader-ade, Han Burgers and Boba Fettuccine. Dip some pretzel rods in red, green, blue and purple colored chocolate — leaving about a ¼ of each pretzel chocolate-free — and you have a bunch of mini-light sabers.  Play Pin the Tail on the Hutt. Carry on conversations using only dialogue from the movie. Serve cinnamon rolls — then tweet pics of your guests using them as hair extensions instead of eating them. Drink blue milk out of Star Wars drinkware.

Decorating is easy. Any party store worth its confetti will have any number of Star Wars themed decorations, plates and napkins. Or, for the craft-gifted among us, transform paper plates into Death Stars and Thermal Detonators. Wrap tops of silverware in red and green napkins for even more light sabers. Break out some of your unwrapped Star Wars toys and use them as centerpieces. Have the movies playing on every TV in the house. Play Star Wars Trivial Pursuit, Monopoly, Life and Trouble. Have a Chewbacca sound-alike contest. Most importantly, just embrace your dark and light sides and have fun.

The best reason to celebrate Star Wars Day this year is that it leaves only 222 days until Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theaters everywhere!

PJ Butland