This Sunday, Make it All about Mom

When it comes to mothers we don’t mess around. We would love to get mom anything she wants for Mother’s Day. Unfortunately, not all of us make ticket-to-Paris or luxury- automobile money. Thankfully mom taught us it’s the thought that counts.

We’ve compiled a list of gifts to give to mom, like DIY soaps and a few tumblers thrown in. You can give them as a theme bundle or mix n’ match for the versatile mother.

Spa in a Tumbler – What mom doesn’t want to be spoiled a little? Spas are expensive and who honestly wants to go to one when you can get the same treatment at home. Present your mom with a quiet house and a gift wrapped spa package, she’ll love it.  You can include anything from bath bombs and bubbling bath salts, to homemade soaps and sugar scrubs. Don’t forget to include a new tumbler! What else is she going to drink champagne out of?

Just Beachin’ – Who doesn’t love the beach? Surprise your mom with all the beach day essentials. Sunscreen or tanning oil is a must! Don’t forget the towels and beach chairs, then top it all off with a big floppy beach hat and your mother will be ready to spend all day by the ocean.

Pamper me – a free Mani-Pedi is every woman’s dream. So give your favorite lady a DIY nail care kit. Include the essentials like an array of polish colors and lotions in your mom’s favorite sent. Nothing says pampered though quite like her favorite bottle of wine and a Mommy’s Sippy Cup just for her.

Customyze it – Your mom will probably tell you that the best Mother’s Day gift she ever received were the macaroni necklaces you made when you were 7 and the customized mini-Picasso finger paintings they made you do in elementary school. Don’t worry just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you can’t show your mom that you’re the one with the creative gene. You can DIY your own photo coasters, give her a frame with time-lapse photos of yourself, or customize a tumbler with pictures of her favorite (you).

Grow it Yourself

Grow it yourself – If your mom has a green thumb than bestow upon her the ultimate gardening kit. Start with the basics like seeds from her favorite flower or easy to grow fruits and veggies. Splurge on an all in one tool kit with the essentials like a hand shovel and cultivator. Grab a tumbler with her favorite flowers to keep her drink cold while she’s gardening the afternoon away. Wrap it all up in a watering can and you have the perfect basic gardening kit.

Hillary Terhune