The Tail of Tervis

Next time you’re in Jacksonville, FL, and you say, “Tervis,” don’t be surprised if a gregarious 1-year old English Bulldog comes running to investigate who wants to meet him.

When we first learned about a dog named Tervis via Instagram, we were flattered. When we dug a little deeper, we were honored. Tervis (the dog) is making a difference in the lives of two people who make a difference in the lives of displaced, unwanted and abused English Bulldogs throughout the entire state of Florida.

When Tervis isn’t busy nosing through his toy box looking for the perfect plaything, playing tug of war, enjoying a peanut butter treat or snuggling with his “big bulldog brother” Dozier  – with all four paws in the air — he’s following his “mom,” Candace Damron, from room to room while she’s busy working on her passion: the Florida English Bulldog Rescue (FEBR).

Candace left corporate America more than two years ago to focus on raising money for this non-profit organization that is a safe alternative to shelters. FEBR provides a home, care, love and any necessary veterinarian services to the rescued animals. Tervis and Dozier provide constant inspiration and adoration while she’s busy vetting possible adopters, volunteering her time to other bulldog groups, and saving stolen, lost and shelter “kill list” bulldogs.

Tervis the Dog’s name came to be honestly. Candace and her husband, Kurt, have many things in common, like their love of English Bulldogs and our drinkware. In fact, you can see our tumblers in their wedding pictures, throughout their house, in their cars and always within reach. Candace exclaims, “It’s a running joke. All of our friends are always saying, ‘Oh, they always have a Tervis in hand.’”

As Kurt, Candace and a yet-to-be-named pup made the 6-hour return trip home from the dog’s birthplace of Pensacola, a funny thing happened. Kurt and Candace had narrowed their name choices to two. While discussing the strengths of each, they noticed their new precocious pup was drinking water from a favorite tumbler in the car’s cup holder. Tervis had his name!

To celebrate May’s National Pet Month, Candace created two tumblers on Customyzer featuring both of her beloved pets.  We believe it’s important to celebrate the entire Damron family and all they do for English Bulldogs across Florida and beyond. To Kurt, Candace, Dozier and Tervis: Cheers! And keep up the great work.

To learn more about Florida English Bulldog Rescue, please visit:

PJ Butland