Summer Entertaining Made Simple

Barbecues and parties are the best way to enjoy summer. Scratch that, they are the only way to enjoy summer. The art of a good backyard party or barbecue is easy but it doesn’t have to be expensive or hard to put on a party that everyone will remember.

Follow these 7 seriously convenient outdoor tips for the ultimate summer party:

7. Create a backyard hang-out spot, complete with chairs (or lounge pillows if you’re feeling extra adventurous) and fairy lights. It makes for a cozy spot in your backyard without it feeling like you’re in the backyard.

6. Keep drinks cold with frozen water balloons. It’s a fun way to add a little character to the drink section of the party. For ultimate chill, fill the beverage cooler with water before putting in the water balloons.

5. Don’t run out of beverages, plan ahead. Use a drink calculator to make sure the wine never stops flowing. Or you can think of it like this, it’s usually 3 bottles of wine for every 4-5 people or 4 cocktails per person.

4. Chill wine (and other beverages) quickly by wrapping the bottles in wet paper towels and placing them in the freezer. Guaranteed chilled wine every time in 10 minutes or less.

3. Keep pesky mosquitoes at bay by including a bug spray station. Top a small table with assorted insect repellent sprays, wipes and candles and no one will leave your party looking like they were the main course. For added day-time protection, make it a sunscreen and bug spray station.

2. Have everyone help with clean-up without asking. Create designated bins for dirty dishes, trash and recycling. It makes the cleanup quicker and it helps eliminate the mess for the remainder of the party.

1. The best tip, however, is making a party box! Complete with all the party essentials (like plates and silverware). Just pile everything you need into the bin and you basically have multiple parties in a box with half of the hassle. You can even pack up decorations and store them for a summer party any time.

Now you know. There’s no excuse not to do some entertaining this summer. These nifty tips and tricks make it super easy to throw an over-the-top ‘chill session’ and make you the bees knees of backyards and barbecues.

Hillary Terhune