7 Florida Beach Towns Worth Their Salt Water

Discovered in 1513 by Spanish conquistador Juan Ponce De León, Florida was the first part of what is now the continental United States visited by Europeans.  That means Florida is rich in more than 500 years of history — and people visiting.  It’s actually the perfect spot to spend most, if not all, of your summer vacation (I’m probably being a little biased here). If there’s one thing that everyone imagines when they think of summertime getaways, it’s the beach. Shockingly, Florida has plenty of them. In fact, Florida has the most coastline in the continental U.S. (Alaska has about 5,300 more miles of coast but maybe that’s because it’s bigger than Australia).  That gives Florida an abundance of beaches, and subsequently, beach side towns. Many are famous, many are not, but all of them are a slice of sun-soaked paradise. Here are seven of these quaint and quiet beach towns perfect for your next getaway.

Apalachicola is truly a hidden gem. Located in the Panhandle and nestled on the coast of Apalachicola Bay, this sleepy town is full of pre-civil war architecture and some of the most pristine beaches in the state.

Amelia Island
Along the northeast coast, a hop, skip and jump from Jacksonville, Amelia Island is the perfect getaway spot. Rich with southern charm and a quaint lifestyle, you may be able to catch a glimpse at some endangered Florida wildlife, like a right whale.

Tarpon Springs
Part beachfront, part riverfront, and part lakeside, Tarpon Springs has a little something for everyone. It’s named after the fish that take up residency in its Gulf waters. The town also has a heavy Greek influence due to the influx of immigrants in 1880.

Boca Grande
If you want quiet beaches, this island town, miles away from basically anything, is the place for you. Boca is part of a larger island, known as Gasparilla, which was named after the pirate captain, Jose Gaspar. It’s the perfect place to hunt for his buried treasure or chase the legend that is Old Hitler — the islands native giant hammerhead.

Sanibel Island
If you’re looking to reconnect with nature, hit up Sanibel. The town doesn’t have any stoplights and fast food chains have been banned. So it’s pretty much the perfect place to bask in some peace and quiet.

Get ready to snorkel through the SS Inchulva, the sunken steamship that was caught in a hurricane off the coast of Delray Beach in 1903. Located on the east coast between West Palm and Boca Raton, Delray has a small and diverse community full of big town sophistication.

Voted the second happiest beach town in America by Coastal Living Magazine, Venice also happens to be the shark tooth capital of the United States; home to the Tervis Headquarters; and a stones throw from our flagship store in Osprey. What more could you want from a beach vacation?

I think I’ve covered all of the best beach towns in Florida. At least, these are my favorite and I would only recommend my favorite. I’m sure you’ll find relaxation and tranquility in any one of these locations. Have a different favorite? Let us know what makes it great.

Hillary Terhune