They’re Here

That’s right the holidays are among us. And we know what that means: parties. Lots of holiday parties. Over the next month and half you’ll have plenty of opportunities to share good cheer with family, friends, co-workers and complete strangers.

I love to host holiday parties. I guess it’s the natural entertainer in me. I love to turn even the grinchiest of my guests into a holly, jolly soul with the right mix of music, food and spirits. I provide everyone who walks through my doors the best sweet and savory flavor profiles, classic carols interspersed with hits from the 80s and 90s, and perhaps most importantly, great bourbon, vodka, cordials and red and white wines.

There is always wine at my parties, but I never throw a wine party. Too many rules. Wine A is best with Food B. Serve Wine C at this temp. Let the reds breathe. Sparkling wines need a flute. And on and on. I looked into the subject and found countless books, web sites and apps that only confused me further. It’s the holidays, I’d rather spend time enjoying my guests than studying. I’m a novice wine drinker. I couldn’t tell the difference between a “2 Buck Chuck” or a 2000 Bordeaux. And I’m fine with that.

I have two simple rules for wine:

  1. Drink what you like
  2. And enjoy the moment

Which brings us to our second use of this phrase: “They’re here.”

The Tervis Wine Glasses have arrived. This sturdy stemware is a party necessity. They’re perfect table side or poolside (that’s one of the perks of living in south Florida – November and December pool parties).

Before the Tervis wine glass found its way into my home, I would never let a wine glass near the pool. Broken glass and water don’t mix. I would serve wine in plastic cups because I’m frat-party classy like that. Now I can entertain outside like a pro and a grown-up.

And here’s the underrated thing I love about them: they go in the dishwasher. Top rack. Boom. Clean up is done. Good-bye boring, time-consuming hand washing. Hello holidays.


PJ Butland