Set the Thanksgiving Table in Style

Lately I’ve discovered a deep love for Thanksgiving. As a kid, it was probably my least favorite holiday, behind the ever-popular Arbor Day and National Insect Week. It’s moved up a few dozen or so spots and is now “Number 2,” right behind Halloween, on my list. It could be because there’s only 28 days until Christmas or the fact that the food is on point and nobody cares how much of it I consume, including myself.

Really though, it’s probably because I get to share the holiday with my family, which makes everything that much better. It also happens to be the single most important holiday in my house. When I say we go all out I mean all out. Decorations, table-scapes and overall ambiance are almost as important as the meal itself.

There are a couple need-to-know things about creating the perfect Thanksgiving atmosphere.

The first thing: keep it simple. It’s not Christmas or New Year’s Eve, you don’t need to put glitter on everything.

In fact, my favorite thing to use as a table runner is good old-fashioned burlap. I fully believe nothing says autumn quite like strategically placed burlap. It also happens to be all the rage right now, so you can find it practically anywhere.

Keeping with the keep-it-simple theme, the second thing to remember for decorating is that you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on fancy turkey statues or pilgrim salt and pepper shakers. Go to your local grocery store or farmers market and pick up every type of squash you can get your hands on, i.e. butternut, acorn, miniature pumpkin, or delicata. They beat typical decorations because you can eat them later.

The third decorating tip for Thanksgiving is to make sure your house is full of friends and family, because the best decorations aren’t decorations at all.

Try these and I promise Thanksgiving will move right up your list of favorite holiday’s too.

— Hillary Terhune