Great Gifting Made Easy

Thanksgiving is over and Black Friday is done. Cyber Monday has passed and the holidays have begun.

So if you’re anything like me, you have no idea what to get anyone. I, myself am a self-proclaimed gift giver. Go big on a budget or go home, that’s my motto. That being said, it’s starting to get harder and harder to outdo myself. Working on a budget means I have to get creative; there are only a dozen people I have to buy presents for so extravagant gifts are limited.


Naturally, when I don’t know what I want to get everyone, I scour the internet for gift ideas. Gift guides are the saving grace for gift giving when I’m lacking creativity. To help all of my fellow grand gift givers this holiday season, I’m spreading the joy by giving you a gift guide that’s sure to show everyone that the gift came straight from the heart.

Gift for Mom
If there’s one thing my mother loves, it’s her family. I’m usually all about giving her sentimental gifts that include pictures of her kids and grandkids. This year, I’m going for a customized tumbler with pictures of myself, my siblings and all of her grandkids.

Gift for Dad
My dad is probably the easiest person to shop for because he’s such a dad. He likes golf and he likes to fix things. So I like to pair his two favorite things with tumblers that match. For example, I bought him a set of golf supplies (tees, towels, balls, etc) and paired it with a golf tumbler. It was a hit and my dad could take the tumbler with him golfing, so it made for a doubly neat gift.

Gifts for Siblings
The one thing I can tell you about my siblings is that their tumblers go missing more than anyone I know. They’re always begging for a new tumbler. So I’ve decided to combat this by getting them tumblers that are personalized just for them. A tumbler with “Tabatha” on it (she doesn’t even spell it normal) is less likely to “accidentally” leave with someone else. Or if it’s left at a friend’s house it’s easily returned.

Gifts for Friends
No one knows you best friend quite like you do, right? Your personalities go together like peanut butter and jelly, you’re practically soul mates. It’s easy to buy friends something because you know what gifts match their personality. So this year, I’ll get my best friend a set of wine glasses, because Wine Wednesdays are a thing, a flamingo tumbler, because it matches her aesthetic, and a #1 teacher tumbler, because she also happens to be the best teacher I know.

Gift for Co-Worker
We’ve all been there, the office Secret Santa. I dread Secret Santa because I always draw the person I know the least. It’s next to impossible for me to get them a gift without asking a million people, what do I get Cedric* for Christmas, which kind of ruins the purpose of Secret Santa.  In my opinion the best thing to do is take the easy way out. A tumbler gift set with two different but similar designs. It’s easy enough because there are two neutral designs and they’re sure to like one.

It’s pretty simple when you get down to it. Gifting doesn’t have to be hard or stressful. So have some fun with it.

Hillary Terhune