Custom Valentine’s Day Gifts Made Easy

Love is in the air. In case you haven’t been to the store since the New Year or perhaps you live under a rock and have just woken from your holiday food coma and joined the real world. Pink hearts and red roses have taken over everywhere and that can only mean one thing: Valentine’s Day is upon us.

You still have a couple of weeks to freak out about what you’re going to get everyone. Maybe you’re just shopping for your significant other or maybe you’re the type of person to buy something for everyone. You could go with the generic Valentine’s Day cards for everyone- a la “I love you more than words” or you can opt for something much more sentimental. The Tervis Customyzer lets you create your own tumbler with a personal touch for everyone.

When I say everyone, I mean everyone:

Mom: She’s probably the easiest person to shop for in your life. Ever since you’re old enough to finger paint, Mom loves everything you do, right? The best part about that is you can scan one of those paintings you (or her grandkids) did and use the Customyzer to make it into a tumbler she can take wherever.

Dad: If you’re like me, dad has always been a little more difficult to shop for than mom. Customizing a cup for him is probably super hard. If he’s like my dad, he likes a million different things and not all of them will fit on a tumbler. It’s probably better if you keep it simple, some pictures of you and him-maybe at a sporting event or whatever. Then pair it off with sayings like “world’s best dad” or “world’s ok-est dad” if you’re that person.

Kids: You’re probably going to get your kids a box of chocolate shaped like a heart of maybe a giant stuffed animal they’ll shove to the back of their collection because they already have a million. So keep it simple and get them something that they’ll love and they can use. Customize a water bottle for the older kids or a 10oz wavy for your little ones with some of their favorite things-sports, animals, flowers or pictures.

Significant Other: This one’s easy. I’m sure you have a plethora of pictures of the two of you. Just create a photo collage of all your favorite memories, adorn it with a quote that best describes your love for each other and voila you have the perfect gift perfect for you sweetheart.

Yourself: The one thing we’re known to neglect on Valentine’s Day; unless you celebrate V-Days’s lonely younger brother, single awareness day. Now you’ve come to realize that you can put virtually anything on a tumbler. So channel your inner crazy cat lady (or man) vibes and plaster a tumbler with pictures of your cat.

The Customyzer makes an amazing Valentine’s gift for everyone in your life. It’s the perfect way to show your love and add a little personal touch, something that you won’t find in a chocolate box.

Hillary Terhune