Easter Baskets Filled with Fun

If I told you Easter is this Sunday, are you prepared? Sure, it snuck up on us too. This year the pastel, bunny filled holiday falls on March 27th. Almost two weeks before last year’s April 5th date. If you’re like me, you expect Easter to fall in April. March is normally reserved for green and maybe a little Easter prep. Don’t worry if you forgot and are a little behind. We’ve got some quick and easy gift ideas for everyone in the family.

For mom, it’s simple. She makes you and your relatives dress up in floral prints and pastels every year for the neighborhood Easter egg hunt and family dinner. Then she takes four dozen pictures. So add those photos to an Easter-themed customized tumbler. With Easter themed backgrounds and bunny stamps, it’s easy to show mom that “some bunny loves her.”

Like most other holidays, I find that dad is the hardest to shop for. He’s a manly man who likes manly things. Beer, fishing, fixing stuff, you know that kind of thing. So for him I would make sure I got him a tumbler that matched that. I would leave out the floral patterns and bunnies and go for something more rugged. Like a tumbler covered in beards and some beard balm.

When I was a kid, Easter was always so exciting. To wake up and find what the Easter bunny brought, was second only to Christmas. Kids are probably the easiest to shop for; miscellaneous candy and toys are easy basket fillers. Easter tumblers are some of the best candy holders if I do say so myself.

The last person on my list is my significant other. It might not be common to give your hubby or wifey a gift on Easter but I don’t like to exclude them. I find that they enjoy candy as much as the kids and beer and barbecue as much as dad but love sentimentality just like mom. So I like to incorporate all of those into a small gift that’s filled with love. A tumbler reminding them “I love them more than bacon” (I’m a vegetarian so that’s pretty easy, throw some bunny shaped chocolate in a basket and you’re good to go.

So here’s to a Happy Easter, full of perfect gifts filled with love and bunnies.

— Hillary Terhune