Real Heroes are Everywhere

Heroes come in all shapes, sizes and uniforms.

Sure, growing up we all envisioned ourselves dressed in a cape flying over Metropolis, or driving the coolest car in Gotham. While others were willing to forego the cape for web shooters, repulsor rays or a red, white and blue shield. These heroes captured the headlines. And our imaginations.

Today, those heroes still capture the headlines – but just in the entertainment sections around the country. You hardly ever read about the real heroes. The everyday heroes. The people who don’t help us escape our world, but help us take it on and make it better every day.


You know, that teacher that buys her own school supplies because the budgets were cut again. That teacher that helps lay the foundation for your child’s – and our – futures. The teachers that work long hours for little pay.

That coach who know only mentors your child on the field, but is there after the game keeping him or her on the right path and away from the wrong crowds.

That nurse who administers the medicines and encouraging words needed to get you through the ills and aches of the day.

That first responder who doesn’t hesitate to put his life in danger to get yours out of it.

These are the real heroes. And there are so many more. The farmer. Your babysitter. A social worker. The leader of whichever church you attend. You get the picture.

They work long hours without hesitation. They go the extra yard. They don’t complain, they just bare down. They get the job done. Usually against incredible odds (that’s about the only thing they have in common with their fictional spandexed brethren). Usually without recognition. That’s not right. They deserve recognition every day. From everybody that crosses their path. We’re usually too busy. Yet they never are.

It time we changed that. Say thanks. Make them dinner. Buy their coffee. Shake their hands. Send them a little something that reminds them how special they are to you every day. It’s easy. It doesn’t require super powers. It just takes a moment. Make it special.

PJ Butland