May the Fourth Be With You

Life is full of great moments. One moment can impact your life forever. One of those moments started as a Saturday afternoon at the movies with my Dad. From the second the overture kicked in and I read, “It was a period of civil war,” I was hooked and at the beginning of a life-long love affair. Since that moment over Memorial Day weekend in 1977, every day has been Star Wars Day for me. (Seriously, I once went three straight months watching A New Hope daily) It just took a few decades for the rest of the world to catch up.

Now, every year, May 4 is recognized as Star Wars Day. Fellow geeks (trust me, it’s a compliment) celebrate the universe George Lucas created by greeting each other with, “May the 4th be with you,” a wonderful word play on one of the most iconic and recognized movie lines ever. They host viewing parties. They go to bars hosting themed parties dressed as their favorite characters or in vintage Star Wars t-shirts. They have Star Wars themed birthday parties. I’m sensing a theme here, and I’m not even that strong with the Force. Yet.

This year May 4th falls on a Wednesday, so unless you’re in college, retired or on vacation, a party may not be in the cards. But celebrate, you must. Easy it is.

Bake some sugar cookies and decorate them like a fully operational Death Star and wash them down with some blue milk (preferably in awesome Star Wars tumblers).

Talk like Yoda.

Wear a Star Wars tie to work.

Grab the kids, gather on the couch and watch the one that started it all.

Put the kids to bed, head back to the couch and watch The Empire Strikes Back.

Go to Tosche Station and pick up some power converters.

Make Boba Fettucine Alfredo for dinner.

Donate money to your favorite charity under the name Wedge Antilles.

Adopt a furry brown dog and name him Chewie, then let him ride shotgun in the car.

Let your kid win the Light Saber duel.

However you do it, add a little Star Wars into your – and everybody’s – day. We will be better for it.
And unlike deliberately flying into an asteroid field, I have a good feeling about this.

— PJ Butland