Take a Break from Winter at Warm Mineral Springs

Springs 1

It’s mid January. Smack dab in the middle of winter. Who doesn’t need a break!?
Everybody deserves an intermission from winter. A “Wintermission,” if you will.

Living and working in southwest Florida, we’re lucky. We’re on permanent hiatus from winter. And we have a lot to do, explore and eat. You’d be amazed at what you can find in just a 15-20 minute drive in any direction from Tervis headquarters.

Like, for instance the Fountain of Youth. Yep. That fountain of Youth. Ponce de Leon’s driving – well,  sailing – motivation. Head 20 minutes south on US 41 from North Venice, hang a left, and “bam!” you’re there. But today it’s known as Warm Mineral Springs.

Warm Mineral Springs

People from all over the world converge here year ’round to enjoy the always 85-degree water temperature – no matter how hot or cold it is on land – and it’s rumored mystic healing powers. Visitors wade and stroll around in one direction hoping to sooth aching joints and harness some of that “eternal youth.” We can’t vouch for either, but where there’s hope …


The surrounding grounds are lush and green. Palms, shrubs and bamboo circle the springs and there is plenty of thick green grass to throw a towel or tablecloth on and relax and enjoy a bite to eat and your favorite drink.


Want to spend more time at the Springs? Want to extend your “wintermission” for a day or two? You’re in luck.

Decked out in vintage Florida architecture and just a stone’s throw down the street from the Fountain of Youth, there’s the Warm Mineral Springs Motel. Check-in for a night and take a trip back  in time to where these mom-and-pop motels were commonplace and often sought out over the chains. You’ll be glad you did – and be sure to tell the clerk that Tervis sent you.

Warm Mineral Springs Motel

Now that you’ve extended your Florida mini-adventure, you can explore a local hidden gem. Literally hidden from the main roads. Hop in your car and head 10-15 minutes north to Snook Haven.

Snook 1

This Florida-famous bar and grill sits, exactly as you would expect, off the beaten path at the end of a dirt road. Once there, you can take a boat tour, eat, drink and be merry all while enjoying a lot of local flair.

Snook 2
The food is delicious, the scenery gorgeous and the wildlife abundant (human, animal and reptilian). If you’re up for a more intimate exploration, rent a canoe and set out on your own – like the explorers of yore.

Wintermission accomplished.