Special Easter Moments

As a kid growing up in Florida, I looked forward to 4 important days each year – Halloween, Christmas,  my birthday and Easter.  While I didn’t understand the true meaning of all of these days, I did understand that my brothers and I got to load up on sweet treats and play games on every one of them.

Easter was always a blast for our family. After an early church service, my dad would drive us home, we’d run into the house to change into play clothes and wait for the games to begin. The game of choice? Easter Egg Hunt!

After carefully hard-boiling and dyeing eggs throughout the week with our mom and dad, mom would hide them – along with candy eggs, chocolate bunnies and plastic eggs filled with little toys, Hot Wheels  and change – throughout the house and backyard.

If only my mom had heard of Tervis back then. I’m sure she would have Easter tumblers for each of us filled with jelly beans, Tootsie Rolls and Raisinets (she called them “rabbit poop,” it was her little Easter joke every year) hidden in the house or placed in our baskets.

When it was time for the hunt, she’d yell, “Go!” and the four of us instantly became whirling dervishes tearing through the house and yard collecting every pastel colored surprise we could find.

At the end of round one, each of us would keep the candy, toys and money we had found and hand back the hard-boiled eggs to mom. She would hide them again while we stuffed our faces with sugar and traded Hot Wheels.

This went on all morning and early afternoon until family and friends started arriving to enjoy the best ham in the neighborhood.

Moments I’ll never forget. Moments I wouldn’t want to.

May your Easter be as special.