The Best Stocked Tiki Bar in Town

Tiki Bar

As we say goodbye to May and welcome June, it’s time to tune up for summer. So throughout the next few months, we’ll have helpful tips on how to maximize your summer moments.

Tip #1 – Look for thatched roofs and bamboo.

Of course we’re talking about a classic slice of Americana – the Tiki Bar. Home to fun-loving partiers, fruity concoctions and more often than you’d think, a fan that’s made of oars. They’re popular. They’re fun. They’re a must visit.

But what if you don’t have one in your area? Then it’s up to you to keep up this roadside, ocean side and poolside tradition. Build One. And they will come (sorry Ray). Or buy one. (They’ll still come.)

Cool. Now you have an empty tiki bar. What next? Stock it like a pro. But stock it with what?

Let’s start with the bare – but absolutely necessary – necessities. As obvious as these:

Bar tools – All good bars start with jiggers, muddlers, bottle openers and corkscrews, a cutting board, good knives, a salt and sugar rimmer, a strainer and ice buckets.

Blender – Frozen drinks don’t blend themselves.

Tropical fruit juices – Sweet, tangy and tasty must-haves for every fun tropical drink under the sun.

Shakers – If it isn’t going to be frozen, the drinks are going to need to be blended somehow and these decorative hand-helds are the best way to do it. Shake, shake, shake. Shake your fruit thing.

Tiki Idol – They don’t have to be Easter Island-sized, but it is a tiki bar after all.

Now that we have the must must-haves out of the way, let’s talk about making the tiki bar your own. You know you best, so go with the décor that fits your personality. It’s easy when you combine your personal tastes with any of these:

Customized Bar Sign – Grab a piece of wood, a jigsaw, some paints and your artistic skills and create a one-of-kind sign with the name of your bar. Have fun with it. Pretend you’re naming a boat, only a lot less expensive boat that’s permanently in dry dock but whets your tropical taste buds. Or just buy one. Then hang it proudly for all to see.

Tropical Destinations Sign – It’s how many miles to Pago Pago? That many? Good to know. Thank you well-placed conversation starter. Don’t want a sign? This tumbler can do the same thing.

Bamboo stools – Tiki = bamboo. That’s like first grade math. Before all that new math ruined everything. Except awesome tiki bar seating.

Paper umbrellas, tiki stir sticks and tropic-inspired napkins – As long as you’re decorating your bar, you might as well decorate your drinks with themed, snarky style.

A Hula Girl doll – Have her lying inside an oversized margarita glass with her legs dangling over the rim and let the conversations and randy jokes begin.

Margaritaville TumblersWith so many to choose from, you’ll find a few that are perfect for you, your friends and most importantly your tiki bar.

Plush Toy Parrot – Watching over the rum-soaked pirate in all of us from his permanent perch hanging from the ceiling.

Torches – It’s not like you’re only going to use the bar during daylight hours! (And they make great mosquito repellants!)

Palm trees – Doesn’t matter the style – real, artificial, miniature, inflatable or made of rope lighting – a well-placed palm tree or three brings the tropics to your suburban locale.

And we’ll end with the REALLY obvious:

Rum. Lots and lots of glorious rum. Lights, darks, blacks, golds, spiced, flavored – it doesn’t matter – just mix and match ‘til you have the blend you need to add the right-proofed splash of the tropics to the exotic drinks that come across the counter at the best stocked tiki bar around – yours.

Well done.