The Best Back-to-School Stuff to Stuff in Your Kid’s Backpack

Back to School Backpack

Uh oh. It’s Tax Free Weekend. That can only mean one thing: Back-to-Shopping! Man, did that get here fast this year. So fast, you’re probably still unpacking from your summer trip and haven’t had the time to assemble a shopping list. No worries. We’ve done that for you.

We’re going to assume your child already has a back pack (that’s why it’s not on the list), so here are the things it should be packing:

3D Printing Pen
This made the list for no other reason than that it’s really cool – really, really cool – and turns doodles into real-world objects. Put one in your child’s backpack and art class takes on a whole new dimension. Literally!

Tissues/Handi-Wipes/Hand Sanitizers
Let’s face it; schools are breeding grounds for germs. Your kid can combat them with a healthy supply of tissues, handi-wipes and hand sanitizers.

Stretchable Book Covers
Do you remember how to turn a brown paper bag into a book cover with all that fancy cutting and folding? Neither do we. Thankfully stretchable book covers exist. Kids can eliminate some wear and tear on their school books while expressing themselves with bold, colorful options.

Water Bottle
No better way to hydrate their day! Grab your child a water bottle that fits their personality and will keeps their drinks hot or cold longer throughout their school day. PS: We know where you can find hundreds of great choices.

Emoji Sticker Set
All work and no play can make anybody crazy! Add a little fun to your child’s day with a packet or two of everybody’s favorite phone icons.

MacBook Stickers/Covers
That apple that lights up on every MacBook makes for a great opportunity to show off one’s personality. And as a company that’s all about personalization, we love the 1000s of stickers and covers that play up that light source so perfectly and making any MacBook unique.

Nylon Braided Charging Cable
It’s no fun when the batteries run dry. Keep your kids charging through their days with a tough and durable braided charging cable that will keep their gadgets humming  throughout the school year.

Note Books (Duh!)
More than likely, kids are going to write something down every day in class, and notebooks fit into backpacks much easier than desk tops and lockers.

Never mind keeping up with the Kardashians, kids have to keep up with technology to thrive in today’s classrooms. Send them back to school with a new laptop or tablet. There are so many great affordable options available that help you keep within your school shopping budget.

Lunch Bags/Boxes
If your child prefers home cooking to cafeteria lunch lines, send their favorite lunches to school in cool personalized or branded insulated containers that keep food fresh and crisp ’til the lunch bell.

Flash Drives
Kids can keep those important notes, papers and projects all in the same place and save tons of space (and trees!) with a flash drive. And they come in some many different cool styles and designs that we’re sure you can find one that is just right for your kid.

There you have it. The best-packed backpacks will help keep your children prepared for whatever their teachers throw at them. (Except dodgeballs. Because, well, it’s 2017.)