Dress Up Your Home for Halloween

If there’s one thing that I get excited for every year, it’s October. The crisp scent of fall, pumpkin everything and the thrill of decorating for Halloween make the tenth month of the year, the best month of the year.

The best part is decorating everything I can get my hands on with fake cotton spider webs and fake stick on blood. I can’t walk into any store during the entire 30 days before Halloween without walking out with something I probably don’t have any more room for. I don’t do it because I’m having 20 of my closest friends over for a costume party; I do it because I like to pretend I live in a haunted castle.

I just use Halloween parties as an excuse to start the process at my earliest convenience (which happens to be 11:59 on September 30th). Since October is already well under way and a lot of you are fumbling for décor ideas for your costume party, I’m going to share some of my favorite décor ideas. They range from super-easy crafts for you and the kids to even easier store-bought decorations that I can’t keep my hands off every time I walk into any store (which is a lot).

I’ll start with the easiest of easy. Make a centerpiece out of a tumbler (clear of something more festive, like our Halloween designs). Simply fill the tumbler with festive filling, like mini pumpkins. I also like the idea of filling them with candy corn! Then just add a bouquet of fall themed flowers.

20150919_Tervis Halloween Shoot_0012

Next up is just a step up from super easy to definitely easy: sheet ghosts. Something we’ve all made a time or two in our life. This is simple enough because you can do it with random stuff around the house. We used an old white sheet and some pillow stuffing. Tie off the ‘head’ of the ghost and draw on a face than hang with fishing wire.

The last decorating trick that I’m going to give you is a fun craft that kids are sure to love. Spray paint Styrofoam balls black to make a “spider body” – then stick pipe cleaners into the body for legs and let the kids decorate with glitter and googly eyes.

These three easy decoration ideas are sure to help you get the party started and create a spooky atmosphere on a budget.

— Hillary Terhune